Welcome to Idoogroup, where we specialize in development of
apps with geolocalization and Web Systems in San Diego, California

Our Services

Developing Apps in San Diego

We design and develop custom native applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone in San Diego, California, USA.

Web Design San Diego

Website design and E-Commerce in San Diego, web 2.0 development, online stores, the main objective is that your business is present on the Internet with the best positioning, we guarantee that your website is perfectly visible and manageable from mobile devices We include the Responsive Design of your website.

SEO in San Diego

We develop web positioning strategies based on keywords, web structure, blogging, social media, marketing, organic positioning of your site, adwords among others.

  • Mi Viaje App

    Native Apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

    We develop native mobile apps for iOS OS We are specialists in development of applications based on geolocation and services using the user's location, with the business structure very similar to UBER, LIFT, WIGOU etc.   We can help you with the design, development and programming your application, we can support you with ideas and with all our experience.

  • Mi Viaje Android

    Native applications for Android

    We develop native mobile apps for Android & iOS Android is an operating system widely used by users obtaining a usage percentage above 80%. We are specialists developing native applications for Android.

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Design of applications based on geolocation, with services identifying the user's location


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Used technology

  • Desarrollo en C#
  • Desarrollo en Ruby on Rails
  • diseño-de-apps-idoogroup
  • desarrollo-de-web-services
  • desarrollo-en-python-django