Developing Apps in San Diego

At idooGROUP we design and develop native and hybrid mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone tailored in San Diengo, California, USA.

Today the development of mobile applications for iOS / iPhone / iPad and Android are leading the market of smartphones with more than 700 million people together who use these mobile devices and download applications as it is the form of direct communication with different topics of interest.

idooGROUP has a very professional team of expert app developers, who develop games for Android, each day bettering ourselves with newer technologies. We ensure quality design and development, we are committed to our customers at the indicated deadline as well as making it cost effective.

Surely you ask, what is the difference between a mobile application and a web page?.

Simple, a web page lives on the Internet where you can only access it via a computer which needs a constant internet connection.

On the other hand, with a mobile app you have access to these from the app stores where you download the app to your device, and in many cases it is not necessary to require Internet service to access information after downloading the app. An app is more practical and simple for a user to be able to access his/her information as it’s right in your pocket and with a simple “TAP” get what you are looking for your service without having to access a computer.

Another advantage for business, and the most important, is push notifications. Which send a message to each one of the users who have downloaded the app, these notifications are a form of direct marketing to people interested in your business, product or service. And are used most often to give its customers promotions, discounts and specific information.

On top of this, the development of  mobile applications for Android is growing very fast as it has the distinct capability that Android OS can be installed in virtually all types of devices,  phones, laptops and even microwave; which makes it always present at terminals, which lets us to understand that the development of applications for Android increases considerably.

Regardless of potential, range and performance of the device Android operating system will adapt perfectly to every need as well as being extensively modified. In the same way that iOS game development for Android has a lot of potential for exponential growth in recent months.

We do Developing Apps in San Diego, California and around the world.

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