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Bespoke software development for companies bent on managing your business generates a robust and specific, highly efficient system and you can install it on the computers of your company locally and in the cloud. For example, planning, workflows, invoicing, sales reports, expense and income, etc. Another example of desktop applications for companies or businesses are ones inclined to keep all accounting (CRM), it has many advantages because they are very fast applications which can be handled quickly and easily.

Besides running a development of custom software it has the advantage that the software does not rely on the internet and storing information can be local, as well as invoices, payment history, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, income record , sales management, etc.. Many of these applications do not consume lots of RAM and disk space; they can be installed on any computer.

This type of software development using custom software have been used since the beginning of computing, after the console type applications subsequently appeared desktop applications based on GUI. In recent times many companies have dedicated to creating desktop applications for the development of such applications.

idooGROUP also provides this service. With the ability of its teams of experienced specialists working in different programming languages ​​including: C #, C ++, Java, .Net, ASP, JavaScript, Php etc.

We do Software Development in San Diego, California and around the world.

Manage, your company or business with an efficient software.

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