What cost could the development of a Mobile Application have?

Many people have the idea that the development work of a Mobile Application is simple, but really there is a lot of effort, dedication, art and hours of sleep after the Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation from a page a web App, software or in this In the case of a Mobile Application, I comment that in order to understand what the cost of developing a mobile application is, the first thing we must know is the cost of programming.

The price of developing a mobile application depends on many factors and taking into account that the cost per hour of many jobs for Engineers and Graduates in the US and Latin America depending on the range and position are around $ 35 and $ 180 dollars per hour are not the same. better paid salaries since there are cases where the payments rise up to $ 200 dollars per hour and those are big words.
But hey, I will not make the story so long and knowing the above, the programming time in the different regions is costing from $ 40 to $ 160 dollars. Due to the experience we have had in the development of Mobile Applications as well as the investigations carried out many times, the people who hire you do not take into account that a development with quality and guarantees must have a great team at the base, to which it is owed pay the same as any worker and therefore the cost of developing a mobile application is not as cheap as developing a web page, to cite an example.

Many of us see the ease of investing little money in an application that will NOT really get ahead seeing it from the point of view of functionality or the most impressive thing in these times “the image”, there are many applications that only their image has made the owners millionaires or developers. The truth is that it works and you always have to take into account the cost of developing a mobile application.

So we agreed that it is much better to invest in somewhat expensive applications but that we can really achieve that our ROI is considerably effective, examples of this we will present below so that you have an idea of ​​how much the Development of a Mobile Application can cost:

Twitterific 5 with a development cost of $ 200,000 to $ 250,000 is one of the most used applications due to its interface and functionality, as well as the synchronizations that it can do with the social network Twitter.

The mega successful game Angry Birds 2 had a development cost of $ 100,000 to $ 140,000, this incredible application managed to create as many people will agree with me, “addiction” many cannot stop playing it since they simply love it, so much so that it managed to raise Rovio’s income during 2011 had a turnover of 75.4 million euros, of which 48 million euros were profits and increased its workforce from 28 to 224 workers.

By many called the strongest social network of images regarding the number of users and the most used of these times, Instagram its development cost was $ 450,000 to $ 500,000 dollars. Considering that after Instagram reached the number of more than $ 50 million users,, the largest social network in history, bought this company for just over $ 1 billion dollars.

The incredible game Real Racing 2 cost $ 2,000,000 to $ 2,500,000 to develop, say the creators of Flight Control and games like Puzzle Quest, in an interview with Firemint’s Alexandra Peters commented: game for iPhone and you want it to be a commercial success, you have to invest in it ”, basically the investments in the development of an App are being very similar as in the development of traditional video games for consoles.

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In the following lines I will share some of the many ways to earn money with mobile applications or games. The business models most used by developers and companies. At the moment in Mexico and many parts of Latin America there is very little knowledge on how to make money with mobile applications, many times we are using it and we do not even realize it. But every time you use an App, game, etc, someone makes money.

After having discussed in previous posts what is the cost of developing mobile applications, we are now going to discuss how to recover your investment with mobile applications. We all know that the initial idea of ​​commercial mobile applications is to try to make money from a solution and a game using mobile applications and the first thing we think about is “revenue” and how to make money with already developed applications.

We hope that our experience can solve that problem of not knowing how to recover the investment in the development of a mobile application:

Business models:

Demo or Free Application + Ads (advertisements):

You earn income by advertising that other companies send to your application.
Mobile applications that have this business model can generally earn money in several ways, these are the 2 most used:

They generate income through impressions and clicks on advertising banners.
Promote other applications within the application.
Be the Lite or Demo version of a paid Pro version.

The PPC (Payments Per Click) are different depending on which Ads company you use are several and these are just some such as: AdMob (pays from $ 0.1 to $ 0.5 eCPM dollars – for every thousand impressions), iAd (pays from $ 0.3 to $ 3 eCPM dollars – per thousand impressions) our income may vary depending on the number of impressions or clicks that the Ads may have.

Payment application:

You generate income by selling the application at a competitive price in the example Markets (App Store, Windows Market Place now Windows Store, Google Play among others), each of these Markets gets a percentage for publishing their application or game (generally App Store 30%) the rest of the money is the income you will get for each sale of the application. Example one of the best-selling applications of the year
Nova Dark and Navigation Pro.

Payment Applications with In-App Purchase:
This is one of the most and best used techniques to earn money with applications.

Income will be generated not only by the sales of the download of the application but also by the sales within the application which is the so-called In-App Purchas. Example one of the best-selling applications in history Angry Birds 2 from Rovio Entertainment Ltd, Fruit Ninja from Halfbrick Studios and Cut the Rope from Chillingo Ltd among many others.
Free Downloadable Applications with In-App Purchase:

It consists of downloading the application for free, but the payment will be made to obtain the subscription. A well-known example of this type of application is Spotify from Spotify Ltd.
An important aspect within the In-App Purchase is the Item selling method, which is the purchase of coins (unreal money within the App that is purchased with real money) or levels, improvements, weapons, functionality to use in the game or application, examples the following applications with great income applying this business model Temple Run from Imangi Studios LLC with 75 million downloads the previous year, Backflip Slots from Backflip Studios and DragonVale from Backflip Studios just to name a few generating more than $ 100 million dollars in the year 2020.
For all the aforementioned we can realize that with an application you can earn a considerable amount of money and it should be remembered as we had mentioned in the previous article that the development of applications takes a lot of work and they are not cheap at all but they can multiply easily your investment in income and realize that making money with applications is not difficult you just need to trust your application. A very clear example of this is Instagram that after investing about $ 500,000 dollars in the development of the application was sold to Facebook for nothing more and nothing less than $ 1 billion dollars.

You can be an Instagram! IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

If you already have your idea of ​​a game or an application that you think is GREAT and that you can earn money with the applications, you only need a great experienced team to develop it. We can help you and inform you at no COST.

You have our support. Greetings and many successes.

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Today the development of mobile applications for iOS / iPhone and Android Apps in San Diego are leading the mobile application market as millions of people use these mobile devices and download their applications, as they are thus more interrelated with what interests them. So having a mobile application of your business or company on your phone makes your business much more profitable and everyone who has one of the devices (iPhone, Smart Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia etc). Using push notifications is a great tool if you want to send promotions, discounts, and specific information to your customers.

Many people wonder:

What are push notifications or push notifications?

Push notifications are a form of real-time interaction with your potential customers, it consists of sending an alert to each and every one of the users and / or customers who have downloaded your application, including the phone’s vibration and ringing function. In other words, each user will receive a message that will draw her attention and the objective of getting the information to her in a subtle and non-intrusive way will be fulfilled.

We can execute the development of your mobile application with the most current technologies such as application development with Objective / C, C #, Java, iPhone application development with the native iOS SDK, Cocos2D, Unity, hybrid android application development.

For this reason idooGROUP is a multidisciplinary team with experience in mobile application development for these platforms in Mexico. We have a qualified and experienced staff.

The speed and flow of current business require technologies such as with which companies can supply all their needs for updating data in real time with the development of mobile applications for iOS / iPhone in addition to allowing greater mobility and interaction possible in the company or with your clients.

This new technology in which we execute development for Android or Windows Phone etc, responds to these needs in a very effective way as the ideal platforms that provide great and innumerable advantages within the administration, marketing and advertising processes of a company.

Develop this new technology for your business or company in a very simple and economical way, contact us for more information.