Welcome to IDOOGROUP TECHNOLOGIES INC development of mobile and web applications. We are a USA company, opening operations in USA with more than 8 years of experience in the field of mobile application development, software and web design, online stores and web 2.0 business applications. Our greatest experience is developing applications based on geolocation services like CIMEMP, IMOS Digital Taximeter, Mi Viaje, Wigou, Towgee, Ed+ etc. We have the ability to work remotely with clients and meet their expectations of quality, advice and support. We have clients in Spain, United States and Mexico, little by little expanding our market and improving our service, so we have the ability to develop your ideas and / or projects remotely. Our engine is palpable positive results for you, we are to the point, and we use the most sophisticated technology at reasonable cost.

We guarantee positive results and service excellence.

Our design, development and testing process is based on the 7 proccess on the certification of professional developers worldwide CMMI / DEV LEVEL 2.


1 – Project planning (PP)

2 – Requirements management (RQM)

3 – Process and Product Quality Assurance (PPA)

4 – Configuration management (CM)

5 – Project monitoring and control (PMC)

6 – Measurement and analysis (MA)

7 – Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)

Our Software architecture pattern is based on MVC:


Enjoy the site that we have created for you, if you do not find what you are looking for feel free to contact us, let us guide you and advise you at no cost, will be happy to assist.

Our development methodology

Sprint – Scrum
We develop based on the client’s priorities with intentions focused on highly necessary functionalities for the client.

Our mission

Provide our customers the best technology and creative solutions, embedding all our knowledge into your project. Aiming to deliver on time and at the lowest cost. We guarantee our customers that the decision of working with us is an investment; not an expense.

Our vision

Being a leader in California, specializing in mobile application development, web development and custom Software Development. Contribute our knowledge in order to advance the technological development of USA.

What do we do?

We put technology you would think impossible or difficult to understand at your reach, we do not allow you to stay behind in this world full of new computer systems which translate into new opportunities, our team is ready to develop system that are simple, usable with verifiable results.

Our job is to develop and design mobile applications for platforms like iOS Apps (iPhone – iPad), Android Apps, online stores, advanced web 2.0 pages, accounting systems, management systems, personnel control system, photo galleries, social networking, software, video games and many more are some of the elements that make up the body idooGROUP services.

Let us be part of your team, we combine our knowledge to take your business to another level.

We are valued because we are:

  • Specialists
  • Experts
  • Punctual
  • Responsible
  • Committed
  • Loyal
  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Excellent work remotely.


  • We are Proactive and Creative.
  • We turn your ideas into viable developments.
  • We advise you with our experience with the aim of making your idea profitable.
  • We solve any of your computer concerns.
  • We care about your money.
  • We use all our resources to help you grow.
  • We quote projects thoroughly.
  • We are aware of the world situation
  • We respect your time
  • We adapt to the changes.
  • We are optimistic and positive.
  • We meet all agreed targets.
  • We are prepared and equipped.
  • We turn negativity into positive energy and difficulties in solutions.

We are an apps development company in San Diego, California.

For these and many more things, give us the opportunity to study your idea or project and propose our solution, and send you a quote completely free.